Welcome to the Disability Support Page!


The Disability Support Services office provides support and appropriate accommodations for students attending The University North Alabama either online, at off-campus instructional sites, and/or on campus with learning, physical, and psychological disabilities. These Services May Include:

  • Initial determination and application of classroom accommodations
  • Alternative Testing Program
  • Liaison with other campus entities for specific accessibility issues and education
  • Academic Guidance and Study Skills sessions
  • Assistive Technology
  • Alternate Formats
  • Note Taking Assistance

By taking advantage of the services offered, students can experience not only academic success, but personal success as well. Each service is designed to enhance students' learning experiences, assist them with academic challenges and help students achieve their goals while at UNA.

Accessibility Map

Mission Statement:

The mission of Disability Support Services (DSS) is to facilitate appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.  It is our goal to ensure students with disabilities have equal opportunity to achieve their academic goals while maintaining the integrity of UNA’s academic program requirements.  Disability Support Services provides reasonable accommodations, for qualified students.